Village Posada

30 Oct 2019 19:10

Can you give the family with that special new-born and some sheep shelter for one evening?

Once again this year, All Saints Church, Easton on the Hill, is giving us the opportunity to host a symbolic Holy Family, together with crib and a flock of sheep for one night.  Don’t worry – these are wonderful models!

Originating in Hispanic countries to celebrate the nativity story, Posada is a period of time during Advent when figures from the nativity story travel around different households in the community and stay there for one night.

Families can sign up to take part and then become hosts to the holy family for one night during Advent. During this time, children have an opportunity to learn more about the Christmas story, and everyone can meet others from their community as the figures are passed from one house to the next.

In Easton, each host household keeps back one of the sheep until Christmas Eve when we hold a Posada Service in Church at 2.30 pm.  During the service, all the sheep are reunited with the Holy Family – it’s a wonderful service, and everyone is welcome, whether they’ve been hosts or not.

If you would like to host, please contact Deborah.davenport@mas-consulting.co.uk and we’ll draw up a list of those participating.  We’ll provide instructions about handovers etc. nearer the time.