Advent Village Treasure Hunt

29 Nov 2020 16:01

Advent Treasure Hunt using QR Codes.

There are 24 A4 ‘doors’ around the village and each one has a QR code. Use a mobile device to scan the code and it will take you to the ‘treat’ behind the door. Each one has a picture, a title, a bible quote, a task and some code letters.

There are many ways to engage with this. You may just want to find them all. You may want to look at the pictures and read the short texts. You may want to work out how the text, the title and the picture connect to each other. You may want to complete each task throughout advent. Or you might want to collect all of the code letters which when written out in the correct order from door 1 to door 24 spell out a seasonal quote.

If you get the quote and look up to whom it is attributed and email your details and answers to me (keir.dow@kingscliffe.church) then all correct answers will get a prize in the new year.

For more information visit the Church or the Website