Vacancies for 2 Parish Councillors

27 Dec 2021 14:58

Following the recent resignations of Councillors James Hamilton and Keir Dow, there will shortly be a notice of vacancy placed in the parish.  The process is such that a notice is placed in the parish to see whether the electorate requests a full bi-election (10 residents have to request one) and if not, the vacancies will be filled by co-option according to the Council's co-option policy. Basically, applications will be encouraged from suitable candidates and a vote is held at the next meeting to co-opt. The whole council would like to thank James and Keir for their active roles on the council and their contributions to making the Playing Field developments happen in particular.

Please consider if you would like to join the Parish Council as a Councillor and be involved in the village improvements and future action plan.  Please contact the Clerk for more information or talk to existing Councillors about the role and commitment.

Jenny Rice


Tel 07889669550