The Village Plan Working Party

28 Jul 2021 16:04

The Village Plan Working Party was set up by the Parish Council to deliver, wherever possible, the recommendations made in the Village Survey 2017.  You may recall the event held in the Village Hall in January 2020 where some of the topics from the survey were represented on different tables, with information as to progress and requests for feedback or for volunteers where relevant.
Following on from the event, the VPWP were asked to assume the work of the Playing Field Group who had refined the recommendations from the survey.  This was agreed, and a new Playing Field Improvement Committee set up, which as you know has made amazing progress in delivering fantastic improvements.
However, the VPWP is not defunct, and the PC feel now might be a good time to take a fresh look at the suggestions made but not yet implemented: clearly, a lot of working and committee groups have ceased the majority of their activities due to the pandemic, but hopefully we are getting back to some kind of normality!
The VPWP currently consists of Parish Councillors Chloe Green and Simon Woodman, together with volunteers Ken Rawson, Sue Hunt, and Deborah Davenport.  However, we would ideally like more villagers to become involved so please contact the Clerk if you would like to join, or are able to offer occasional help.

The Recommendations from The Village Plan 2017

Subject RecommendationsComments
History & Heritage
  • Protect the unique history and heritage of our rural village community by safeguarding the legacy we have been bequeathed
  • Share and communicate with visitors and residents the history and heritage of our community
Although there was a section on All Saints Church, there were no recommendations made
The Natural Environment
  • Create a documented, mapped wildlife walk around the village linking our rural paths and walks
  • Plant trees and shrubs in sensible places and maintain them
  • Involve our local school and enterprises to sponsor environmental improvements and projects
The Built Environment
  • Any future housing development should be sensitive and proportionate to the character of the village and aligned with East Northants Council Local Plan, Conservation Area
  • The Parish Council should ensure that the village maintains its unique and widely appreciated character and protect the Conservation Area
Realistically, there is little that can be done other than follow the planning rules and guidance: the PC have limited powers
Recreation & Leisure
  • Develop a plan to relocate the Sports Fields and Playground closer to the village and upgrade the facilities to the highest possible standards. This should include a new pavilion, with changing rooms and provide a modern community owned space for meetings and gatherings.  Or, if relocation proves unattainable, to redevelop and upgrade the existing site
  • Provide clear and up to date information above existing public transport services which serve the village and wider area
Traffic/Roads and Paths
  • Upgrade traffic street furniture and village lighting
  • Develop and deliver a sustainable solution to the parking problems in the vicinity of the Post Office which presently creates excessive wear to the immediate environs
  • Ensure appropriate speed awareness and enforcement throughout the village.  In the longer term reduce the speed limit, within the village centre, from 30 mph to 20 mph
  • No recommendations made
  • Create a village guide for all residents listing important information and contact details for businesses, local groups and other opportunities to contribute to village life
  • Take account of our local business community in its decision making, to ensure that local goods and service providers are not disadvantaged by Council policy or practice
Health & Wellbeing
  • Create a village guide for all residents to help raise awareness of the facilities and public and private services already in place which could meet the needs expressed
  • The Parish Council to work with others to explore how better use may be made of existing buildings, such as the Church, the school, the Village Hall and local land
  • The PC will work with volunteer groups to explore how best to meet the identified social needs of the community that fall outside its capability and capacity
Crossover with Recreation & Leisure
  • Create a village guide for new residents listing important information and contact details for local businesses
  • The Village Survey highlighted that the shop and post office was the place where most residents regularly visited within the village. A larger noticeboard is recommended at this location