Parish Council Update August 2022

26 Jul 2022 19:57

Report from the Playing Field Management Committee (PFMC)
As we move into full-swing school-holiday mode, this should be the idea opportunity to spend some time at the Playing Field.  Of course, cricket matches continue, and Wittering Premiair Football Club will be hosting some league matches on 17/8, 20/8, 23/8 and 27/8 for anyone wishing to support. Macca Sports are maybe running their Summer Academy but also have other venues earmarked – please liaise directly with Macca for details.

With the appointment of a “caretaker” (congratulations to Jerry Rawlinson, thanks for taking this on) any minor repairs needed can be deal with quickly and efficiently and equipment checks and routine maintenance can also be done for the safety of all.

Sadly, not everyone seems to share the enthusiasm and positivity that the improvements and investment have brought to our village.  We don’t quite understand why anyone would want to damage the gates, which are there to protect the children using the different pieces of equipment, and to keep dogs out (because they do represent a potential hazard). Similarly, the picnic tables are there for everyone to use – but why destroy them?  The signs along Ketton Drift asking motorists to drive slowly, and give priority to pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists – these are common sense measures for all concerned, so knocking them over and damaging the signs affects everyone.  Please, if you know who is doing this, ask them to stop and instead engage with us for the benefit of all. Incidents are all reported to the police for action.

We have always been conscious of the fact that there are very few facilities within the village for our older teens in particular, which was why a good proportion of the equipment is designed for their use.  If the people responsible for causing the damage have ideas about what we could do to provide something for them, there is still the Suggestion Box in the Village Stores and emails can be sent to suggestions@eastononthehill-pc.gov.uk We genuinely welcome a dialogue with anyone who has suggestions for the next phases.

Councillor Sam Cherry has continued his conversations with Sport England, and he and Cllr. Woodman have been looking at clubhouse plans – clearly the latter has fundraising implications, and we must acknowledge that all households are suffering in the current economic climate.  We are still trying to move forward though. A new gazebo is on order and will be installed in the play area eventually to be used for seating and classroom activities and a grant will be applied for this month for the installation of a power supply to the field and pavilion, to top up a cricket club grant for this much needed and useful project for all users.

To repeat our previous invitation, we are still on the lookout for more people to join this committee – if you think you’d like to, or just want to know a bit more about what’s involved, please contact the Parish Clerk, Jenny Rice on clerk@eastononthehill-pc.gov.uk.
Report from Easton on the Hill Parish Council
Reducing speeding

The Parish Council has been continuing to liaise with Collyweston Parish Council about a shared Community Speedwatch Scheme and is looking for volunteers from the village to join forces and try to monitor and reduce speeding on the A43.  Please get in touch if you think you can help.

New signs

These will be appearing soon hopefully throughout the village, to replace old signs directing visitors to the many attractions and facilities Easton has to offer.  As ever, these things take time to process with the North Northants Council but their involvement will mean a cheaper option in the end.


A new Oak tree, donated by Sam Drake, has been planted at Spring Close pocket park.  It is struggling but hopefully will make it through and be a handsome addition to the area.  The Parish Council has planted many new trees at the playing field as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy (Plant a tree for Jubilee) project and these are being cared for by Councillors. The trees have all been inspected recently with no concerns noted which is great considering the number of trees  – some do have Ash dieback but are holding up and being left alone for now as per advice received.

Welcome letter

Work is underway to introduce a village welcome letter for all new residents. Cllrs Pat Firth and Tim Nicol will finalise it and produce it to be distributed within the village and to estate agents.

Polish War Memorial rebuild

Cllr Lawson has been liaising with the Polish community and working on this and as planning permission was granted subject to a tree assessment, this was arranged and submitted.  A contractor has been approved and work will soon begin it is hoped.

The setting up of the Playing Field Management Committee has freed up some time for the main council to concentrate on other issues and projects.  As above, if there is any projects or issues you would like to see the Parish Council concentrate on, within their powers of course, please do email using the above address. 
All agendas and minutes are on the bus shelter notice board and on the council website www.eastononthehill-pc.gov.uk