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All Saints, this Christmas season

Friday, 27 November 2020

Curate on the Hill

As we approach the start of the church year and the prospect of Advent we are all reminded of that long wait for Christmas. We are possibly even more focused on Christmas this year due to the challenges we have faced in the last months. Although we still don’t know exactly the shape and style of the festive season, the essential message of Christmas does not change. When you are feeling sad about having a ‘simple’ Christmas remember that the first Christmas was pretty simple too. With this in mind I have been looking for ways to connect with people in this uncertain and socially distances times.

1. There is an Advent Treasure Hunt using QR Codes. There are 24 A4 ‘doors’ around the village and each one has a QR code. Use a mobile device to scan the code and it will take you to the ‘treat’ behind the door. Each one has a picture, a title, a bible quote, a task and some code letters. There are many ways to engage with this. You may just want to find them all. You may want to look at the pictures and read the short texts.
You may want to work out how the text, the title and the picture connect to each other. You may want to complete each task throughout advent. Or you might want to collect all of the code letters which when written out in the correct order from door 1 to door 24 spell out a seasonal quote.
If you get the quote and look up to whom it is attributed and email your details and answers to me (keir.dow@kingscliffe.church) then all correct answers will get a prize in the new year. For more information visit the Church or the Website from Monday 30th November.

2. We are planning a Drive in Carol service (Providing there are not government guidelines that stops us). This will be held on 13th December at 16:30. It will be happening in the CIPS car park opposite the church. The idea is that sitting in your own car means that everyone can sing. There will be some readings, lots of carols and a short sermon. It would be lovely to be able to socialise along side this event but it looks like this will not be possible. As you can imagine there is a limit to the numbers of cars we can accommodate so this will be a ticketed event.
Tickets are available HERE, via the link on  the facebook page or can be booked by calling me on 01780 753283. I would encourage households and / or/ bubbles to come in one car to maximise the numbers who can attend. If you would like to volunteer to help, please let me know.

3. A Christmas Eve Lantern Crib Service is proposed. The service will be in the peace garden on 24th December at 16:30. We encourage everyone to bring with them a candle lantern (or child safe electric candle). It is unlikely that there will be any singing but there will still be a short 30 min service to celebrate Christmas. This would make a wonderful start to the Christmas season. Again if there are any volunteers then get in touch.

Alongside that I am available for anyone who would like a chat. Under current restrictions I am still able to go for a walk with people on a 1:1 basis, sit on a bench with someone or chat on the phone. I am happy to meet with the lonely and needy as well as the curious and bored. please send me an email or give me a ring. I have had a number of people who seem keen to chat about their beliefs or faith (or lack of) but haven’t taken the challenging step to do so. If you have some questions, concerns or just curiosity, I will do all I can to chat in a way which is non-judgemental and non-preachy.

Every Blessing,
Rev Keir Dow