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Dance challenge!

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Curate on the Hill  
A big Happy Christmas to everyone. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people who braved the cold wind on Christmas Eve to join together for the lantern service. I felt it was a truly magical time together when we have been unable to meet as usual. I hope this made everyone feel the love at Christmas.
It is very hard for all of us not knowing what the future brings. I am someone who likes to have a plan and things in place well in advance. I am certainly finding the changing restrictions and tiers a hard thing with which to cope. I am very glad of the regularity of services to give my week a bit of structure. We have a Friday morning short service of Morning Prayer at 09:00. There are also Sunday services around the benefice. Every Second Sunday of the month we are doing a relaxed afternoon service at 4:30. This is a less formal service with a more modern twist. Even if you are not a ‘church goer’ you are very welcome to join us for a quiet time of prayer and reflection at any of our services. All services are published on website, facebook page and on noticeboards at the church and around the village.
With a restricted new year celebration on the horizon and the thought of a January with the cold, dark days, perhaps it is time to do something a bit fun and silly to make us feel more together. The solution is the Jerusalema dance challenge! I am planning to encourage as many people as possible in the village to learn (it’s very easy) and record themselves doing the ‘Jerusalema’ dance and then send it to me. I will then edit it together and make a video which will be shared on the Church website (www.eastononthehill.church) as well as the church facebook page (@eastononthehillchurch). The video to help people learn it is here:
I am not expecting perfect dancing but hoping people will find time in January to learn how to do the easy dance and then record themselves. It is better if people are in groups so family bubbles and support bubbles may be useful. Feel free to offer whatever you choose whether it is sat in a chair, lego stop motion video or best of all people just enjoying doing something out of the ordinary.
When you have recorded please get in touch with me at keir.dow@kingscliffe.church or on the phone on 0780 753283.
I am counting on you Easton on the Hill……
Grace and Peace,
Revd Keir Dow