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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

As we end January and move into February I am continuing to find some things a challenge, as most of us are. I have been brought back to the term Corona-coaster. The emotional ups and downs of lockdown life can be difficult. As I write this there is a thick layer of snow and the sun is shining which makes things seem so lovely. But this isn’t always the case. Like the weather this time of year things can seem dark and unpleasant. I find my strength in my faith and this picture of the church speaks to me on a number of levels. The church is hard to see, which is the case at the moment as we have suspended worshiping together. The Church, as in the people sharing God’s love, is hard to see for some at all times. Whether you are a believer or not I hope that you might see a bit of love at this time. Whatever you are feeling  there is support around. Whether that be a socially distanced walk, telephone call, books and games taken from the church or even signposting to more support networks, remember that the church is here for all.

We have a request of children’s books to be donated to the church. We have been running a ‘help yourself’ table in the church with games, puzzles and books. The children’s books seem very popular and at this time, keeping children engaged, entertained and reading is so important. If you do have some books for children of all ages then please leave them under the table in the church. Thank you in anticipation for your donations. If you haven’t already, please feel free to head to the church and take things from the table to keep yourself entertained. (cash donations are nice but not compulsory).
 On the horizon is one of the key seasons of the year for me and I am not talking about the Six Nations (although I am very excited about that). I am talking about Lent and the move towards Easter. This year I will be running a lent course for 6 weeks in Lent. This will be run on Zoom and details will be on the Church Website www.eastononthehill.church. The course is open to anyone and everyone and is designed to explore some of the key questions about life. I am planning to base the course around the film ‘The Theory of Everything’ which is a fantastic biography of the life of Stephen Hawking. It is not necessary to have seen the film in order to engage in the lent course but you may want to see it in full beforehand.

If you are a person of Faith, agnostic, atheist or anywhere in between you are welcome to explore with us some of the ideas this film throws up. Concepts of Awe and wonder, weakness, frailty, brokenness and relationships. The first session will be slightly different as it will be an introduction to the course, technology of zoom and an opportunity to get an idea if the course is something you would like to do. You are welcome to dip in and out of the course as you wish. If you would like some more information about the course including the theological, philosophical, practical or technical aspects of the course then please get in touch.
Every Blessing,
Revd. Keir
01780 753283