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Curate on the Hill

Thursday, 25 February 2021

As I walk through the churchyard and see all the snowdrops and the odd crocus pop up, I am reminded of the renewal all around us. At a time when everything feels the same it is so heartening to see new growth. At a time where there is talk of schools returning, vaccine roll-out and the easing of lockdown, the signs of spring mark an important stage of this difficult winter.
We have started Lent in the church year, a time associated with denying yourself and holding back. Perhaps this year we should focus on doing more. Doing more of the positive things in life. My own personal lent challenge is to ‘close the loop’ on my fitness tracker EVERY DAY. So rather than giving something up I am focusing on doing something great (although my body thinks otherwise).
The church is slowly returning to public worship and has started Friday morning prayer again which is at 9.00 each Friday. All are welcome. The pattern of worship will be changeable at the moment as we discover what we are able to do. If you are interested, then the church website (www.eastononthehill.church) or Facebook page are good places to go. We will also put notices up when the upcoming worship has been agreed.
We continue with the boredom busting table in church. We have quite a range of Children’s books as well as books for older folk. There is also a range of DVDs. Please come and help yourself. There is no requirement to give a cash donation but if you wish there is a donation box in the wall.


We have also started a food share box in the porch. All are welcome to donate or receive from this box. There is no need to feel awkward about helping yourself to things from the box. We are delighted to give without question. Any items that are not taken are donated to the garden house to support their work with the homeless.
Whatever your need please get in touch and we will do what we can to show the loving kindness of Jesus.
Grace and Peace to all,
Revd Keir Dow
01780 753283