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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

There really is Joy all about.

The sun is shining, there are lambs in the glebe field, church services have returned, and everything is just starting to feel a little bit normal again. In regard of services, a pattern of services has been established which is detailed below:

Week of the Month
9:00 Morning Prayer - Taize
10:30 Benefice service in King’s Cliffe
9:00 Morning Prayer – Common Worship
16:30 Joyful Journey – A Relaxed, modern and short service
9:00 Morning Prayer – Healing and reconciliation
10:30 Holy Communion
9:00 Morning prayer – Celtic
9:00 Holy Communion-Book of Common Prayer
5th (if there is one)
9:00 Morning Prayer- World Church
5th (if there is one)
10:30 Service of the word

We are planning to run this pattern of services until September, and everyone is welcome to come to any service. If you would like to know more then please get in touch with me.
I hope that we can all start feeling more confident about getting out and about. I know that this last year has been very difficult for everyone, some more than others. I just want to take another opportunity to say that I am here for everyone in the village. If you need some pastoral care or spiritual guidance then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
It has been an absolute delight seeing people coming to the church for a variety of reasons. Whether to take a book or puzzle, leave or take a food donation, write a prayer on the prayer board, just spend some quiet time, having a look around the beautiful building or even make a donation (Hint hint).
With that in mind, we have now added to the ways people can donate to the church. With cash very much on the decline, we have now got a contactless donation point in the church. Why not drop by the church to have a look, you could even check to see if it works properly. It is our hope to not only maintain the building and what it currently offers but also develop more and more ways in which the church can service the people of Easton on the Hill.
As every I wish everyone every blessing over the next month and I hope to see more and more of you over the coming months.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Keir Dow
(01780) 753283

Paws for Thought

The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy

Please allow me to introduce the key individuals in this tale. The first is the elderly and rather wise rectory dog, Lexie. This wonderful, educated dog has been studying all things church and ministry for many years (along with all things food and all things nap related). She had accompanied her spiritual guide (Rev Keir Dow) to theology college and has developed a ministry of love and acceptance to all.
The second is a new and energetic puppy who, although being born in a far-away land (Wales), is extremely keen to find out as much as possible about the church and how it works. Jesse is only 14 weeks old but has a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for…. Well everything, really. Below is the conversation between the two ministry dogs.
Jesse: Lexie, can we go to the church again today. It’s my favourite thing.
Lexie: Yes Jesse, we go pretty much every day with Rev Keir.
Jesse: Yes, but when he gets there, he doesn’t really do anything. He just sort of sits there. He doesn’t have a bone or a ball and it’s sooooo boring.
Lexie: He goes there to pray. And you know we get a treat if we are good?
Jesse: A Treat? What sort of treat? Food? Food is my favourite thing. Or a ball? A ball is my favourite thing. Or food? Food is my favourite thing.
Lexie: Yes, normally food. And we aren’t there very long.
Jesse: But what is he actually doing?
Lexie: He is praying. He prays to God who created everything in the universe and loves all of creation.
Jesse: So, God made sausages?
Lexie: Yes, he made everything.
Jesse: So, God made flowers?
Lexie: Yes, he made everything.
Jesse: So, God made Tennis balls?
Lexie: JESSE, God made everything, and Rev Keir goes there to say thank you.
Jesse: So why isn’t there anyone else there when we go?
Lexie: You don’t have to go to the church to pray and say thank you to God.
Jesse: Well, how does God know if you’re not with Him in church?
Lexie: God is omnipresent.
Jesse: He’s got a present?
Lexie: No, God is omnipresent, it is a word I learned at theological college, it means that God is everywhere, he lives in all things and even lives in you.
Jesse: So, is that who is making the rumbling sound when I haven’t eaten in a while?
Lexie: No that’s just your tummy. God is a really hard thing to explain and even harder to understand. Just imagine that God is like the father of everything. He made us all and loves us and wants the best for us. Just like any other father.
Jesse: Is that why we keep saying the words: Our father, who art in Devon?
Lexie: Yes, But it is not Devon it is Heaven.
Jesse: That’s a shame because Devon is lovely.
Lexie: Heaven is….. even better.
Jesse: So we go to church, say thanks and get treats?
Lexie: That’s about it.
Jesse: We are very lucky to have Rev Keir as our guide, or else we wouldn’t be able to go.
Lexie Oh you silly sausage, anyone and everyone can go to church. They can go to services, or at any other time. It doesn’t matter if they know about praying or not, people can just come. Crying babies, smelly teenagers, tired parents, lost adults, questioning theologians, absolutely everyone.
Jesse: Sorry, Lexie, I zoned out there: What were you saying about sausages.
…to be continued.