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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Curate on the Hill

 As lockdown restrictions lift further, I hope everyone is safe and able to engage easier in the world. Hugging close friends and family is definitely something I have missed and am very keen to get in a few hugs. I am, however, reminded that for some people the restrictions in contact with others has been a joy.
The main thing on my mind and in my heart is my impending Priesting. Like many things in the Church of England, there is a rather complicated system where ordained ministers are first ordained as a deacon (which I was back in September) and then the following year they are eligible to be ordained as priest. All being well I will be ordained Priest at 11:00 on Sunday 27th June. Unfortunately, it looks like the numbers at this cathedral service will be limited but there are plans to live stream the service in Easton on the Hill and King’s Cliffe. Details of this will be shared closer to the time via website and pastoral letter.
One reason I am so focused on this so much at the moment is that it is the end of a journey to being a priest. It is, of course, the start of another journey but I have been reflecting on the journey to this point. I must admit it is one I never thought I would travel. There are many people who have supported me on this journey, none more so than my wife, Cazzie and son, Calum. I am extremely grateful to them and all those who have supported me to get to this point.


I am in the process of planning a series of summer spiritual experiences that I encourage people to have a look at. The first one is going to be a prayer walk. All are very welcome to this, and the walk will be a chance to chat with others, stop every so often and focus on one aspect of the environment around you and reflect on how this makes you feel. We then thank God for this and carry on. There will be more details on the Easton on the hill church website (eastononthehill.church) and the facebook page.
Other spiritual experiences will include using the labyrinth, wild church, Christian meditation, Craft and beading (making an Anglican rosary) and an evening of philosophy and prayer in the Bluebell named ‘Prayer and a pint’
If you are interested in finding more about my journey or any other aspect of the church, please get in touch. Keir.dow@kingscliffe.church or 01780 753283.

Paws for Thought
The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy

Well, the response I have received following my last post about Lexie and Jesse has been quite remarkable. As a result, I have been keenly listening in on their conversations in order to update you all with the goings on.
Jesse continues to grow, enjoy everything (apart from the vacuum cleaner) and generally chew and eat everything. Pretty standard for Labrador Puppy. But Jesse’s theological training continues under the masterful tutelage of an elderly, wise and educated Yellow Labrador, Lexie


Jesse: Lexie, Lexie, it’s sooo exciting. This week we have had Ascension. Isn’t that brilliant.
Lexie: Jesse, do you even know what Ascension Day is?
Jesse: Not a clue, but I have been very excited about it. It’s one of my favourite things.
Lexie: Well, Ascension Day happens 40 days after Easter and it is when we remember that Jesus ascended into heaven.
Jesse: Wow, like in a lift?
Lexie: Well, sort of  but we don’t really understand the mechanics of it but just that Jesus went up to heaven 40 days after his resurrection.
Jesse: Huh? So, did he die again?
Lexie: No, because he was divine, he ascended into heaven and is there still.
Jesse: But you told me before that he lived inside my tummy?
Lexie: That is not what I said. I said he abides in me, and you and all of us.
Jesse: Even Rev Keir
Lexie: Yes
Jesse: So how can he ascend and still be here?
Lexie: He is not restricted by how things normally are but just think that despite Jesus being in Heaven, you can still feel Him, still talk to Him, still build you relationship with Him
Jesse: Oh, I see. Is that what you were telling me about prayer.
Lexie: Yes, You were listening?
Jesse: Of course, Listening is my absolute favourite thing.
Lexie: I thought sausages were your favourite thing.
Jesse: Oh I forgot, Yes I do like sausages. They are my favourite thing.
Lexie: Jesse, Do you know what comes next in the calendar after Ascension Day? Next Sunday?
Jesse: Sausage day?
Lexie: No
Jesse: Chasing Ball day?
Lexie: No
Jesse: Secretly digging up plants and then pretending not to know anything about it, except there is mud on your face, Day?
Lexie: No, it is Pentecost.
Jesse: Bent & Crossed?
Lexie: No Pentecost
Jesse: It’s the church’s birthday.
Jesse:  Will there be cake?
Jesse: Perhaps, but I think you are missing the point. The day is about remembering when the Holy Spirit came down and people were sent out to spread the Word of God and make the world a better place.
Lexie: And that happened in Northamptonshire?
Jesse: NO, in Jerusalem.
Lexie: But you said it was the Church’s birthday.
Jesse: Yes, the Whole Church. Every Church in the world. All the people who spread the word, that is the Church.
Jesse: So, we are the church?
Lexie: Well, yes I suppose so….
Jesse: So, it is going to be our birthday, then?
Lexie: Hmmm, I think you are twisting my words…
Jesse: So, we should have presents and cake and a new toy and sausages!