15th Easton on the Hill Gala Weekend

Village Gala,

August Bank Holiday Weekend 2021 - TBA

Easton on the Hill Gala 2021

In a normal year we would be starting our planning for the annual Gala about now, especially as last year’s was cancelled. Clearly this is not yet a normal year.

Having discussed with EATS, (Easton Amateur Theatrical Society) Alex at the Blue Bell, and participating clubs and organisations, the general view is that it’s highly unlikely that we will be able to stage the gala at the end of May as usual. I hope that’s no great surprise to anyone.

It’s more likely (but not certain) that we could stage the gala over the August Bank Holiday weekend, (27th-30th), so that is our planning assumption.

If and when the situation changes with some degree of certainty and we (as a group) think it’s worth starting to plan and make commitments in terms of publicity, printing, booking bands, marquees, etc etc, then we will convene meetings and get cracking. 


Tim Nicol

On behalf of the Gala Committee